About us

IT jobs and consultancy as a driving force behind innovation

With the right people at the right place we resolutely go for innovation. We prepare businesses for the trends of tomorrow and coach our IT professionals for success.

Once upon a time there was Annotise…

In 2018, Sven Van Laer took his first steps as a freelancer, but soon found himself bitten by the entrepreneurship bug. Now he manages a team of versatile IT professionals. All with the same multi-deployable basis but each with their own expertise and expansive vision.

And those who aren’t experts yet can count on personalised IT coaching.

“Annotise sprang from a passion to help people with the right innovations. This is how we want to leave the world a better place than we found it.”

Sven Van Laer

Our mission

The right IT profiles for the right innovation project.

A new innovation project? We help your organisation to find the right people to reach your goal. Start innovating today!

In doing so, we also make good on our promise to our staff. Everyone ends up in a pleasant, healthy and challenging work environment where you can use your IT expertise and fresh perspectives in a creative and innovative manner. We are looking for people who are passionate about innovation and are not afraid of making mistakes.