IT vacancies

IT vacancies and consultancy jobs

Innovation starts with the people who implement it. That’s why we are constantly looking for IT professionals who are passionate about innovation. We match you to the perfect project and turn you into a real expert.


  • finds you challenging projects.
  • is attentive to your personal growth.
  • places you in a pleasant and healthy work environment.
  • encourages you to think creatively and make mistakes.

“If you’re looking for an opportunity to explore and experiment, do something creative and work in a friendly open culture where the challenge is to challenge no other than oneself and grow – I believe Annotise is the right place to be.”

Jigar Shah
Innovation consultant

IT jobs with in-house training

Fine-tune your skills with personalised IT coaching

Have a solid IT basis but keen to further develop your know-how and skills? At Annotise we applaud an eagerness to learn. Because, as your skills grow, you clients will grow too.

Is there a specific IT skill you would like to acquire? Business skills you’d like to hone? Or soft skills you’d like to work on? Annotise will gladly take the time to provide you with hands-on training.

Curious as to what your journey will look like? Let’s take a look at a potential future at Annotise.