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Annotise coaches businesses and IT professionals in their quest for innovation

You and Annotise are a match made in heaven. We match businesses to the right IT expert so that every innovation project is brought to a successful conclusion. Expertly, with a passion for innovation and – especially – with buckets of enthusiasm.

IT vacancies
and consultancy jobs

Reinforce our team with your own vision and expertise and take part in numerous innovation projects  at inspiring employers. Welcome to an all-round team of IT consultants. Fancy riding the wave of innovation?

The right IT specialist for your innovation project

Is your company still struggling with antiquated structures? Or do new market trends call for greater agility? Annotise will assist you with all your innovation plans. With the right IT specialists, tailored advice and all the know-how to bring your contract to a successful conclusion.

Our values

Why entrust your project to Annotise?


Creating space

We make space for growth, development and innovation. There’s no two ways about it, for it is our mission, our passion and our $ to help companies deal with challenges as they evolve.



Annotise wants to reflect society. By combining various perspectives, we gain new insights and acquire new techniques. At Annotise, you can count on a diverse team, both in terms of IT knowledge and background.



Innovation is the driving force behind progress. Annotise stands for constant evolution and for finding answers to the digital challenges of tomorrow. This is how we play our role as leader in innovation.


Strength in networks

We bring people and talent together to guarantee you the very best quality. We join forces in a vast network of expertise, allowing us to provide our employees with the best coaching and our clients with a comprehensive service.



Annotise stands for open communication, where everything can be discussed. This way all the relevant stakeholders are kept up to speed and decisions can be taken swiftly.